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  • Curio Safari

    The fun nature-watching content for immersive experience anytime, anywhere using the AR technology

    • Children can see realistic 3D animals, insects and dinosaurs
      they have seen in only photos from books.
    • Children can compare animals’ sounds, movements, and sizes.
    • Children can become little explorers wandering here and there
      in your house by turning it into an aquarium or a zoo.
    • You can take it with you wherever you go out as it is portable.
    Age 3+ / 96 AR cards / 6 types of animals
  • Phonics Pop

    Stop worrying about pronunciation when
    teaching your children English at home!

    • The reliable curriculum of the YBM Phonics gives your children a fun experience of learning language through reading, listening, writing and speaking.
    • The cards and the digital content have fun parts and stories so that children can explore the world of phonics by themselves.
    • The storybook designed to help children understand different emotions such as happiness, anger, and fear expands digital experience to the offline world.
    Age 3+ / Saypen compatible / Saypen sold separately / 100 AR cards / 5 storybooks
  • Dictionary Pop

    Learn daily words in three languages:
    Korean, English, and Chinese

    • The “flash method” technique, a brain stimulation method based on brain science, is particularly effective when children before 36 months learn foreign language for the first time.
    • It can be used for a long period of time for teaching Korean words, as well as English and Chinese words during the growth process of a child.
    Age 4+ / 100 AR cards / 10 themes (3 languages)
  • Curio World Map

    Travel around the world following
    fun stories with Curi & Rio

    • Start teaching “world culture education” that starts from kindergarten to elementary, middle, and high school at home.
    • Children can collect a piece of the golden globe when traveling a country, just like getting their passport stamped when traveling abroad.
    Age 4+ / 12 AR landmark cards / 100 AR country cards / AR world map
  • Curio Math Math

    While playing with the Curio Math Math, your child will learn the basic principles and concepts of numbers.

    • Children can listen to the math chant, easily learn the concept of numbers with fun stories in video clips, and repeat by playing games.
    • It includes a magnetic play bus and a workbook to refresh the stories and games learned in the application and to expand the learning experience to offline activities for higher educational effects.
    • Children can learn all the useful, basic concepts of numbers before elementary school.
    Age 4+ / 16 AR cards / workbook, guidebook, magnetic play board, magnet cards, and times table poster