A better world made by children's curiosity


Play Your Curiosity,

We need a learning method that fits the world children see.
PlayCurio has been striving to develop the content that is perfect for our children.
Healthy play-based learning through smart devices - a new learning experience that PlayCurio pursues.

Children's curiosity is the most important resource for learning. PlayCurio fosters children's curiosity.
PlayCurio makes sustained efforts to develop creative contents that nurture children's imagination.
The connection between the present and the future, online and offline, play and education - PlayCurio is at the center of it.


Curio Orange

R 245 G 130 B 32
C 0 M 60 Y 100 K 0 | #F5821F

This color symbolizes children's curiosity and imagination.
Curio Yellow

R 255 G 221 B 0
C 0 M 10 Y 100 K 0 | #FFDD00

This color symbolizes the infinite energy of children.

The rounded speech bubbles and fonts represent the innocence of children.


Curi & Rio

These are the main characters of PlayCurio,
who often fight, but in critical situations, they work well together.

“We wonder about everything every day!”
Curi and Rio wonder about everything in the world with tireless curiosity. Now they are traveling around the world and collecting pieces of the Golden Globe. What kind of trip will they go on next?

Curi Curious little explorer

A cute but adventurous cat who challenges in any situation.
Genius to solve the case.

Rio Reliable and loyal

He is a rational dog who stops Curi from acting according to instinct, but at critical moments, he makes mistakes.

Our Office


1105-9, Nuridream Square R&D Tower, 396, World Supo Buk-ro, Mapo-Gu, Seoul