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A curiosity-fulfilling play-based learning experience with AR is available in the Curio Store.

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Amazing experience in which our child's overflowing curiosity turns into talent

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In a rapidly changing world, “safety” is the top priority for children’s education. Curio offers safe and healthy digital education products for our children.

Curio AR Play Series,
More interesting and immersive

A play-based learning friend for our children that increases interest, engagement and protects children from the adverse effect of using digital technologies and media.

Curio AR Play

Why! Curio AR Play?


The Balance Between Physical and Digital

With the immersive content (AR) that contains the learning materials from the Nuri course to the course for elementary school students, children are immersed in an interesting way to develop basic learning skills, creativity and curiosity.


Interactive content through touching and feeling with hands

With interactive contents such as flashcards, you can learn while touching and playing with your hands. By giving various stimulations to the brain, it helps the child's creativity
and development of the five senses.


Various inquiry-based learning areas

It covers a variety of learning areas that can be selected according to the child's developmental stage and interests. It helps children to explore through fun play-based learning, and its learning effect is remarkable.


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